Mission Memory— ‘whoops’

And now for an ‘oh, Sister Allan’ moment:

The elders called to check on us Saturday night and we put it on speaker, as usual. But one of the hermanas and I had been chatting so she pulled a sad face at me as she stood up to leave “no. I love you” I responded….. Then my eyes went wide and I looked at the phone. “I was talking to the hermana. Not you.”

“Lock your heart, Sister Allan. lock your heart” the elder said. And yes. It was probably on speakerphone on their end too. 4 elders live in that apartment.


Mission Memory – ‘Lion Tamers’

We walked into the farewell potluck for our friend and there by the door was a woman who looked as if she frowned more than smiled. She was flanked by two teens in black. They all seemed to think that moving away from home was equivalent to suicide. “How could she do such a thing?!”

We determined to bring a little cheer to this funeral dirge, so we began to talk, smile, and give hugs to turn these complete strangers into our friends.

At the buffet table, the indignant mother came up to my companion and I. “Would YOU ever leave YOUR mother?” She challenged.

Sister Fancy and I exchanged looks, “We did”

Well, she didn’t quite know what to do with that answer but we continued to talk, and by the end of the night we had won over everyone we’d talked to. I just hope that will help them to not be so against our friend joining the church.

FROM the ICU— Fear

I’m not going home. If I think about it, the pain soars. So I don’t. I listen to the Book of Mormon, hold my companion’s hand, and just have faith. Cause if I do that, I’m okay.

FROM THE ICU– Diagnosis

It was dumb really. I was riding my bike too fast and my tire got caught in a crack, throwing me forward into the handlebars. I wanted to get up. We were running late to an appointment. But my vision went white, and I couldn’t move.
So. Here I am. In the ICU at LAC USC.
Sister Shooting Star keeps coming to mind. My injuries are not too different from hers. Finally, I can empathize.

The Greyhound Bus Driver

We met an atheist while walking, he looked like an English PhD but was actually a greyhound bus driver with zero education.
“Since I’m atheist, my mom says I’m going to hell , am I?”
We looked at each other and laughed “no. You’re not going to hell”
He was SO excited that he raised his fist in the air and announced it to the world. “I’M NOT GOIN TO HELL!”
So I told him there were different levels of heaven and everyone goes where they’ll be happy.
“Different levels?” He questioned.
“If you don’t believe in God, you wouldn’t want to live with him, would you?”
” No. Of course not”
“So you’ll be in heaven, just not on the same level as God”
He thought that was pretty nifty.
“Well, if God is so loving, why hasn’t he shown me the light?”
“Why do you think we’re here?”
A bit surprised, he grinned “You’re good.” Then he laughed.

The Story of Sister Shooting Star–2

On Saturday I bid goodbye to Sister Shooting Star before she headed to the airport to board her flight home.


Today, President sent me this email.
Thank you SO much for helping me with Sister Shooting Star. There was literally nothing you could have done to help her or make her feel better. ….. Please do not feel bad, AT ALL, for what happened while you were her companion. Nothing could have been done with anyone. I know it….. We love and trust you….a lot!

The Story of Sister Shooting Star–1

“Well my dear Brother,

I have been transferred and am serving with Sister Shooting Star and we have a car b/c she was hit by a truck while on her bike 3 weeks ago and has a large slice in her thigh and a puncture in her spleen. She is supposed to be taking it easy. I will miss the buses. They are such a wonderful, easy, way to talk to people.”
deleteme 005
“Well it definitely sounds like the Lord has placed a big trust in your hands but whomever the Lord calls he qualifies. God is merciful in the way that he places trials that we may be prepared for them. But Heavenly Father is in charge and I attest that his work will be accomplished all we have to do is to do our best to help it not hinder it. I love you!”

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